“The greatest privilege of a human life is to become midwife to the birth of the soul.”
-John O’Donohue, Irish poet


Welcome! I am delighted you are here. I call my site the Bridge to Akasha because the Akashic Records avail us of a “bridge” between the heavens and earth—between our Divine self and our earthly self.

When I think of opening the Records, I am reminded of rainbows which can seemingly stretch from the heavens and touch the Earth with the promise of something beyond the ordinary. This is what the Records bring to us as they speak to us from our soul’s truth and guide us to how we can best express and realize our soul’s ultimate purpose.

As we know, life can be messy and confusing. We can feel lost and confused even depressed or despairing at times. This is where the Records become so important as they support us and redirect us to where we are ultimately headed.

Even during the difficult times we are currently experiencing, by working in our Records, we can THRIVE. We can learn how to respond to these turbulent times by identifying our soul’s purpose, the path of our heart, and how to manifest what is in our highest good. In this way we develop our unique potential and learn to be who we truly are. In addition, as we become who we truly are, we open that growth pathway for others to do the same.

“We see the deepest meaning and truest value of the Records in how we use them to support and guide us as we move into our future.”
-Linda Howe, “How to Read the Akashic Records”

What makes the Records such a powerful guide to our true pathway is that they are an energetic archive of every soul and its journey as a human being. That means every lifetime we have lived is recorded in the Records. From this source of information and wisdom, they act as a vibrational connective tissue between our soul and Spirit. This profound connection is co-creative: The Records support us with their guidance while we do the actual footwork on Earth leading us to our soul’s unique potential and thus our ultimate joy.

The Akashic perspective is that we are each beings of perfect beauty and light who have incarnated many times to work through all manner of life lessons in order to advance, not only the growth of our own soul, but in turn, the evolution of the world.

The essence of this field of Light is unconditional love and respect. From the perspective of the Records we can do no wrong because every choice we have ever made was our best idea at the time. And so, with this guidance, we come to view ourselves and others with a more compassionate and loving understanding.


"I was broken because of the death of my young adult son in 2006 when I first met Judith Kennedy and that's when she first saved my life. Using the wisdom she bestows allowed me to wake up and I woke up, refreshed with a future to behold. As her tools become more fine tuned through studying the art of opening & reading Akashic records my life just continues to blossom. I'm so grateful that the Ancestral realm speaks through Judith guiding me on this forever evolutionary ride called life. Gift yourself with the best life you can have, book an appointment today with Judith. She is truly blessed." -N.H.

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