“The greatest privilege of a human life is to become midwife to the birth of the soul.”
-John O’Donohue, Irish poet


The Greatest Sin
Many years ago I attended a small Catholic church in Mill Valley, California. I was what is commonly referred to as a "lapsed Catholic," but I often found solace in the vibration of churches and, in addition, I was very inspired by Father John, the resident priest at this particular church.

At one point Father John left for a six week sabbatical training and I really was excited to attend the Sunday he returned to the pulpit. He began his sermon that day by explaining that the senior Priest who was their instructor had asked the attending priests what they thought the greatest sin was. Of course, all kinds of heinous acts of betrayal, violence and harm were discussed, but none of the priests named the one that was considered the "worst" and neither did anyone in our congregation that day.

Father John then proceeded to tell us that the greatest sin was when you observe someone doing something well or noteworthy and you do not tell them. We were all very surprised and while I did not fully understand it at the time, I remembered it and thought about it often, and always tried to live by this guidance. Sometimes, it would be challenging to go up to someone and share the good action I was noticing and how I felt about it, but people always seemed to be genuinely appreciative for the positive feedback. Sometimes the difficulty was that I did not want to give this person a compliment for whatever ego-driven reason I was feeling, but when I did, I was always rewarded by the warmth and positivity that the experience engendered.
Whether with adults or children, people seemed from appreciative to hungry for feedback.

While I knew that it was well-received to speak out when I saw a good thing, I was confused that it was the greatest sin to withhold that feedback. Then recently it came to me!! I understood. The two things children from infancy on need from their caregivers and environment are validation and mirroring. They need to be told, "Good job" or "I like what you are doing" and they also need to be seen. Being seen would be like, "I can tell you are putting a lot of effort into tying your shoes, and that it is difficult."

The problem is that all too often, we do not get those basic requirements met by caregivers. And we grow up unsure if our efforts have value, thus harboring insecurity, doubt and shame. And so the false self is reinforced, and our truth is hidden from ourselves and the world.

Recently, while learning a new skill, I was not sure if I was good enough to share it. I prayed for help. My help came in the way of three separate people sharing with me that they had benefitted from my efforts. That gave me the feedback I needed to go forward.

What makes this such an egregious omission seemed like a great question to ask the Akashic Records. This is what I received:

“Being willing to share positive feedback arises from a space of open-heartedness. This raises everyone’s vibration (giver and receiver) and allows us to move into cooperation and away from conflict. Healing occurs for everyone. These seemingly small actions create beauty, love and connection with one another. They heal the planet.”

Developing Our Spiritual Gifts

“Who looks outside dreams,
Who looks inside awakens.”
Carl Jung

“How can I develop my spiritual gifts?” has been a question posed to the Records frequently. People want to know how to increase their clairvoyant skills. It seems that with the intention to develop our sixth senses comes a responsibility to create a home to receive these communications.

It makes sense that the first step would be to create a platform for listening. In our fast paced world where we are always moving about and doing, receiving messages from Spirit is difficult, at best. What I have heard most frequently is to slow down, spend time in nature, meditate, journal, watch your dreams, and pray. There is a communication we are wanting to begin, and it is a two way conversation. And our job is to become more receptive.

Receiving messages from Spirit happens often when we ask for help in an area where we are struggling to get clarity. This guidance can come to us, but we have to be receptive to the gentle whispers that carry those communications. This slowing down and being open to the subtleties that often carry our answers means creating a more meditative way of living. As I write this, I see the movement of a deer on a hillside nearby, the deer is a beautiful reminder of how nature carries messages if we are open to receive them and to listen. The deer moves quietly and gracefully along the hillside looking for food, and also being acutely aware of all that is going on in its surroundings. As I have begun to appreciate our “Mother” Earth, I have learned how cloud formations, animals and insects, feathers, the weather, and trees and flowers all can carry meaning and messages.

A good way to create this attunement is to learn to meditate. Even 15 minutes a day can begin to help us to still our minds and open our awareness. And for those who have become frustrated with the process, guided meditations are very effective as is a walking meditation, where you spend 20 minutes walking mindfully.

The truth is that Spirit is communicating to us all of the time and we need to learn to attune ourselves to receive.

Finally, and not of the least importance, is being in touch with our emotional beings—our feelings and our history. The spiritual bypass is a huge temptation for us all. We want the spiritual highs and to bypass the healing journey that awaits every soul on earth. As Michael Meade describes it, “Under the wounds, lie our gifts.” Facing the painful and demeaning experiences from our past which block our emotions and as well as the awareness that we are spiritual beings who are worthy of the gifts of the Spirit and the guidance those communications afford us.

Asking for Help
There is help all around us, help that is available to us just because we are. It has taken me awhile to learn this, that when I am in a quandary or a crisis, I can ask for help. It always shows up and usually in unexpected ways and from unexpected sources. Sometimes it comes and I have forgotten that I have asked for it, so it helps to keep our eyes, ears and heart's open and know we will get what we need. As we learn the truth of this, we can become calmer amid the uncertainties of living on planet earth. We begin to trust.

Asking for help has been one of my most important spiritual lessons to date. The one that proceeded it was to surrender. The two actually go together, because it is when I am ready to surrender that I realize I need the help and ask to receive it.

I have found in myself and in others a great resistance to asking for help. We have this very old idea that we "should" be able to do it ourselves and that when we don't somehow we are failing. We are not good enough, strong enough, smart enough, or some variation of those messages.

The other block to asking for help is not believing we are deserving. That one also is very old. By very old, I mean from childhood and societal conditioning. Not deserving of love, good things, help when we need it, as much as we need. And so we are asked to heal those erroneous thoughts and move into the grace that is available to all of us because we cannot do this on our own and we were never meant to.

The Akashic Records and Spiritual Bypassing
I love that the Akashic Records are both elevated and deep in their wisdom, because as we awaken and come to know the beauty and light of the higher realms, it is easy and very seductive to try to move into our spiritual bliss without doing the truly important work of integrating our mental/emotional and physical selves into our spiritual beings. This is the deeper work of self-discovery. As we begin to access the full truth of who we are, we discover our spiritual purpose in this lifetime. Moving into just the spiritual dimension while ignoring our physical, emotional and mental realities is what is known as a "spiritual bypass" and in the long run this short circuiting slows us down and causes us to repeat patterns that need to be resolved.A very common example of this is growing up in a family where our voice and our feelings were not really heard, mirrored or validated and thus we came to believe our feelings, opinions and truth were best hidden and even forgotten. This leaves us believing that we are not DESERVING of the life we want. In all of us, there are many layers of conditioned behaviors that sabotage an authentic reflection of who we truly are. These patterns can also begin in past lives and the Akashic Records are able to reveal this. I have heard the Akashic Records advise people to listen to their dream-time messages, journal their feelings, meditate, do artwork, and/or just sit quietly and allow themselves to take the time to move into the deeper places within them. Think about the things you used to love to do as a child and what were the messages your environment gave you? It is during these quiet activities with ourselves that we begin to uncover our deepest truths and treasures.

Preparing for a Reading
A reading is fifty minutes long and is generated by the questions you bring to it. The best questions are open-ended rather than yes/no questions. Think about the areas of your life where you feel the need for support and guidance. A reading is meant to help you get a clearer and deeper vision of yourself at the level of your soul and will highlight areas that are in line with your soul’s purpose.

Questions about family, relationships, health and financial concerns, relocating, and possible educational aspirations can all be explored. Questions about moving into new directions: Is it time for me to make a major change? Why are my relationships feeling so strained and unsatisfactory? Is this a good time to make that investment? My job is boring, is this my right path?

Many people ask, “What is my soul’s purpose.” And, often, the answer is surprising.

The Records have access to our entire soul’s journey which includes the flow of ancestral influences and past lives as they apply to present situations we are dealing with. This includes all the contributions we have made, the gifts developed and the people we have come into contact with.

What the Records do not do is give a forecast of your future. Readings are not “psychic.” The future is just that, the future, it has not been written. That being said, it is often very clear what paths are working in our lives and will bring deeper happiness and satisfaction, as opposed to those that will cause a deeper sense of discontent.

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